TRUE-See is for ALL Medical Photography across all Departments

Thank you for joining us at HIMSS and SAWC 2023


When we measured the old way, we had a wound vac pulled from a patient early because of inconsistent measurement. Now with we TRUE-See don't have that problem anymore.

C. Lindsay, RN, CWS, FACCWS

TRUE-See has significantly improved the clinical images. TRUE-See has significantly improved the consistency of images and therefore improved the integrity of our documentation and aides in clinical decision making.

– J. Brown MHA; CHT

I definitely feel like it has raised our standard of wound care because of the consistency, the professionalism of the photographs. Our bottom line for the hospital is better because we are taking less time.

– Elaine Sartin, RN, CWS

Trust your Pictures with TRUE-See

Trust is central to medicine, and the photo is the only visual evidence in your medical record.


TRUE-See For Providers

Improves the accuracy and reliability of medical photography

Corrects common image documentation problems with instantly validated and calibrated images

Reduces diagnostic errors with increased medical record accuracy

Expedites patient visits

Legitimizes remote healthcare

Establishes accurate photographic baselines


TRUE-See For Administrators

Saves time and lower costs

Substantiates medical necessity and reduces liability

Improves billing accuracy

Provides verifiable audit trail

Increases patient referrals

Reduces payment denials and audits


TRUE-See For Organizations

Improves return on investment (ROI)

Decreases provider and organizational risk

Helps achieve consistent protocols

Improves billing accuracy

Reduces audits and strengthens audit defense

Authenticates documentation for telemedicine

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