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Can you trust your pictures?

TRUE-See sets the Standard In Medical Photography

The Patented TRUE-See System provides certified consistency and color calibration to telemedicine, diagnostic, and clinical settings using the TRUE-See Calibration Slate and its proprietary, cloud-based software.

Now I feel this is true representation. You look at it and you feel the wound is in front of you. What you are seeing is what was really there.

– M. Brenner, MD Wound Care Physician

Everyone measures differently, and I don't think people realize that it can affect patient care. Now with we TRUE-See don't have that problem anymore.

C. Lindsay, RN, CWS, FACCWS

It was a real Ahaa moment when the first time that we ever tried it and we're all together and somebody was moving the cursors and a conversation started everybody like oh you measure it from there, or you measured from there... And I felt like they really did know how to measure, but everybody wasn't doing it the same time and now they do it the same.

– Elaine Sartin, RN, CWS

TRUE-See Patented Calibration Slate

  • Loads EHR Patient Data
  • Intuitively consistent photography & measurement protocols across all users and facilities.
  • AI Intelligent Photo Capture
  • Patented Image Certification & Color Calibration
  • AI Wound Boundary Detection & Measurement
  • Color Calibrated Tissue Analysis

TRUE-View Mobile & Desktop cross-platform viewer

  • AI driven Interactive data and image
  • Audit measurements, track progress,
    create reports.
  • Custom benchmarking and procedure
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